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Boshkung Brewery – Another Great Reason To Make Haliburton Home

There are plenty of things to love and enjoy about Haliburton County.  The many lakes that snake through the townships of Minden, Carnarvon and the surrounding areas.  The vast wildlife that also makes Haliburton their year-round home.  As the region continues to grow and expand its important not to forget all the modern amenities that local residents have come to enjoy, while still maintaining small charm.  And now, more recently, local craft beer is another reason to love living in Haliburton County.

Over the past year, Boshkung Brewery has expanded their Carnarvon location below Rhubarb restaurant, just east of the intersection of highway 35 & 118 (also the aptly named prize-winning Cream Ale) and have taken over the old Beer Store on Water Street in downtown Minden., where they now offer local residents the opportunity to sample their selection on a unique street-side patio setting. 

Besides their 35 & 18 Cream Ale, they offer a broad variety of other tasty craft beersThey also have designed some of the best local clothing when it comes to T-shirts, hoodies and other paraphernalia.  Not to mention, if you can you avoid the temptation of returning your Growler (the Jug seen in the photo) you can also use it a great local conversation piece on your mantle as so many local Haliburton residents do.

With so much to offer, Boskung Brewery is just another example of why people are choosing to re-locate or buy a cottage in Haliburton County.  It may be “Canadian” to drink Molson Canadian, but it is truly “Haliburtian” (yes I just made that up LOL) to drink a Boshkung brew.

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