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When Is The Best Time of Year To Sell Your Home or Cottage?

A common question many home owners ask is, when is the best time of year to sell their property, cottage or home.  As you might guess, there is not a lot of activity for either buyers or sellers from mid December to mid January, but outside of this holiday period, there are pros and cons for selling your home or cottage at different times throughout the year.

In larger cities for instance, traditionally the summer months of June, July and August are also a slower time of year for real estate activity.  While Spring and Fall are traditionally the time that most real estate agents will advise you to list your home.  However, in rural areas like Haliburton County that is comprised of not only year-round residences, but also a vibrant summer retirement community, as well as an abundant of weekend cottager goers, the summer months can be a very effective time of year to sell. 

The reason that a high percentage of city property listings diminish in the summer, is because families are busy traveling, or spending time outside their city confines.  So, it can make sense to list your cottage or summer home in the months when buyers are available to not only research your property as one they might consider in their search, but also one they can view in person.  The same way that buyers try to stage their home to look move in ready for potential buyers, showcasing your lakefront house or cottage property only makes sense to do it while potential buyers are in the Haliburton area. Because while many buyers might be able to envision what your manicured property and summer lake view might look like in the middle of February, why not give buyers the opportunity see your place when it looks its best.  Let them enjoy the hot Haliburton summer sun as it gleams off your lake, while passengers on pontoon boats and Ski-doo’s alike waive to buyers, as they picture themselves part of the local community.

So if you are selling your cottage, spring and summer probably are most likely the ideal time for Haliburton residents to list their property.  If your residence is a year round home, that might align more closely with national real estate trends, feel free to contact me or your local real estate agent, and find out when it best to list your home.  

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