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Real Estate in Haliburton County Is A Smart Decision

Trying to decide where to buy a cottage, your next permanent residence, or even somewhere you hope to retire to one day within Central Ontario can be a very difficult decision.  Do you consider options that are in close proximity to current home, or do you balance the investment cost by looking for a residence that is a little further north of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)?  Truthfully, it depends on your own personal needs and wants.

Every property search is guided by personal motivations.  It is important to understand yours.  Does your real estate or cottage ‘must have’ include waterfront property where you can enjoy swimming and fishing with your children and extended family?  Maybe you are looking for more land that your current urban residence provides, so the size of the structure is less important.  i.e. A dock with a view is at the top of your list.  Perhaps you covet a row of evergreen spruce trees to line your driveway to welcome you home each time you come home.  Are you part of Ontario’s increasing percentage that has the ability to work remotely?  So as long as there is a reliable phone and internet connection you are open to exploring multiple options in your real estate property search.   There are a lot of factors to consider.

Haliburton County offers some of the best kept secrets in Central Ontario.  With hundreds of lakes and rivers, Haliburton boasts extensive wild and plant life ecosystems.  From ducks to deer, to lilies to lilacs, there isn’t much you won’t get to discover and experience in Haliburton County.  And it’s not just wildlife that sets it apart from other cottage regions.  Haliburton offers some of the best amenities, community services, and shopping in the surrounding area, including first class hospitals in both Haliburton and Minden.

For many cottage seekers, community is as equally important as the actual properties they are considering.  Again Haliburton doesn’t fail to deliver.  For example, every Friday from June to October, Haliburton Village, Stanhope and Minden each offer their own weekly farmer’s market where visitors and locals alike, can buy everything from local produce to tasty treats. 

Are your kids into hockey or other sports? Haliburton offers some of the best competitive and recreational sports leagues and programs in Central Ontario.  Imagine the opportunity for your children to earn swimming certifications in a fresh water lake, surrounded by nature.  In the winter months, Haliburton boasts some of the best snowmobile trails and ice fishing in the region, as well as one of the best ski resorts in Sir Sam’s.  Offering both winter and summer activity for both the young and young at heart.

Are the Arts more your thing?  Every fall for the past 30 years, Haliburton County has put on a one of a kind Studio Tour where visitors and local residents can tour the workshop of local accredited artists.  Studios styles range from woodworking, to jewelry, to glass, to pottery. 

So, whether you are looking to find your perfect summer retreat, or looking at an established cottage community to call your new permanent residence now, or for retirement years, Haliburton County is the smart decision.

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